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The Nod

My husband Dan and I ride a Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycle. We absolutely love to get away on the bike as much as possible.

There is a ‘code’ between most motorbike riders, and that is ‘the nod’. When riding past a fellow biker this nod is exchanged. I suppose you can put your own interpretation on this nod.

My one is a ‘hey’ from the Fonz on The Happy Days TV series. I have even said the heyyyyyyyyy on occasion… it means ‘seriously cool’ (fantastic, awesome, love it)

We have a mutual admiration of each others bikes and the people riding it. Okay yes and I do confess, at times I have even saluted a few... all fun.

A quick scan of the others bike, a nod, it is a recognition of a freedom shared, an experience enjoyed even with a stranger.

I am however perplexed that most, and I say this very carefully, most Harley riders don’t go in for the nod. Is this an attitude maybe? I will leave that up to you to decide. Now I can see you all having a look at all motorbike riders to see them pass each other to view…the nod.

As I am a Christian I was thinking about how this applies to our world, as fellow Christians.

Do you recognise another Christian when you see one? Do you give each other the ‘nod’. We do. We share a ‘family connection’ together. We have given our hearts to our maker and He calls us family.  There maybe some that wont do the nod..again attitude?

Do we look a certain way? You can see the signs of a person who rides a motorbike. They will usually wear a helmet, some sort of protective clothing also, including gloves. But without this gear, and without the motorbike there is only one way to distinguish who rides. And that is if someone says they do.

We can sit back and not tell anyone and this is true of the Christian walk. People cannot guess we are Christians, although without words, our lives should display where our heart is.

It takes more. Its takes opening ones mouth to ‘take the gospel into the world’.

I recently attended the iheart movie “We are all in this together” What an amazing journey the United Team have experienced. We get to go along with them and see the impact. But Joel Houston stirs us up even more. He says: We are in this together. Yes we are family…a family of human beings.

We should be caring for one another. The iheart film puts us all on the same page. No matter who you are, you are like me, a human being living on this planet.

Us Christians, are called by our God to make a difference. Are you making a difference in our corner of the world?

We can do the ‘nod’ to each other being Christians. But let us do the ‘nod’ to each other being fellow human beings.

We truly are all in this together.

Dan and I are working together to help ‘change’ people from the inside out. We are not living in a perfect world with perfect people (we are not perfect). Things happen. People let us down, bad choices and maybe a lifetime of pain.

In our course “How I Quit Being Angry’ we explore where the pain is coming from. We address the issues in our world and take steps to healing and wholeness.

We learn a better way of doing life, this brings peace and harmony to our corner of our world.

It starts with us. Let us sort our stuff so that we are available to help others. The bible says there is a time for everything in Ecclesiastics. So let us sort our lives, get healed and move on.

Let’s be the answer not the problem.

God gave us the ‘nod’ when He sent His son Jesus to die on a cross.

John 3v16 (KJV)

For God so loved the world (Acceptance)
That He gave His Only Son  (Value)
That whoever would believe in Him (us believing in Jesus)
Would have Eternal Life (This is purpose)

In the Main Thing in How I Quit Being Angry, Dan says that we are accepted, valued and have purpose all in this one scripture.

This is Christmas, May you feel God’s acceptance when you digest the truth that God has already sent His Son Jesus to this world.
God gave His most valuable asset, His Only Son, God values us so much, that through love, He sent Jesus.
That we would have life everlasting (with Him) this is our purpose, this is why we are here. We will spend all eternity with a God who loves us.

You can pray a simple pray today to make peace with our God.
Say: Dear God, I give my heart to you now. I know I have sinned, please forgive me. Today I ask you to come into my heart, make me new. I understand that you died on the cross for me. I accept you now. In Jesus Name Amen.

That is a simple prayer but one that lives forever. I encourage you, if you have prayed this, to contact your local church and start reading Gods Word for yourself.

It is Christmas, we celebrate His birth. If you have just prayed this prayer, you are a new creation. Its just the beginning.


May you receive 'the nod' today and may you give it.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. XXX


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