"The concepts truth and tools I learned and/or was reminded of have taken me to a new depth of awareness of myself. I appreciate the safe environment and the open way you related your own experiences. I have become aware of the incorrect ways I have handled conflict in my life mostly in my marriage." (name withheld by request April 2009).




Testimony re Dan Lagden’s Anger Management Course

I first met Dan and Vereen in April 2009.  Dan was made known to me through my church, North Shore Christian Centre at a time when I was suffering significant anger issues.  The extent of my anger was such that my wife, had threatened she could no longer tolerate staying in our marriage if I did not get my temper and verbal anger under control.

Despite my initial reservations and doubts as to the potential effectiveness of Dan’s Active Ministries Anger Management Course I enrolled in the 6 week’s “How I Quit Being Angry” course.  I very quickly found that Dan was the real deal, a man who “walked the talk” and a veritable, power house of knowledge, insight and wisdom whom really understood anger in its numerous guises and forms.  He not only knows how to fight, overcome and manage anger at it’s every ugly level, but more importantly he knows how to humbly teach and impart these life skills to others willing to learn and overcome their own struggles in this contentious and destructive area,  doing so using biblical principles under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the time I have known Dan our association has gone well beyond that of merely master and student.  We have developed a true friendship and a strong mutual respect for each other as we have spent countless hours working through my various issues. 

Each week Dan and his wonderful wife, Vereen, give freely of their time, talent and skills as they run their “How I Quit Being Angry” Course at the Yarramundi Teen Challenge program.  In doing this they are helping those that are less privileged than themselves and find themselves on the wrong side of the law and our judicial system.

It’s easy to discern that Dan and Vereen are a couple that give freely and whole-heartedly to the community, for not only the benefit of that community but very significantly the people they come in contact with.

I would thoroughly recommend Dan’s Anger Management course to anyone challenged by or grappling with anger, or in fact anyone who wants to improve their life and relationships.  I found Dan’s course which is inspired by God and led by the Holy Spirit truly life changing.


Peter F

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