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The Power of Sin.

Sin is diametrically opposed to truth and the practice of justice. It demands obedience to itself in order to justify and substantiate is own righteousness and justice. Therefore it can never find rest because of this struggle.

The power sin has to the mind is far reaching. The measuring stick of anything goes allows thinking to accept or justify many kinds of behavior. Hence the Ten Commandments, which is the yardstick that sin is measured by, stands to challenge and defeat these thoughts.

Sin leads to mental illness.

The spirit of the mind is molded by what we believe or allow. Sinful acts are the fruit of the sin of the mind. Truth created by man originates from man’s perspective and therefore cannot be absolute. He at best can only see dimly the glory of truth. The result is that he constantly fights against confusion, irrational and unsubstantiated thinking. Mental illness results when this thinking becomes truth for him. In the unredeemed man, facts and evidence will challenge his perception of the origin of truth. Revelation of truth requires belief which is a spiritual perception.

Sin corrupts emotions.

Emotions cannot calculate right from wrong, they are dumb and rely on obedience to thinking. In the unredeemed mind there is no benchmark to measure sin by, so the mind looks to the emotions it has established as its benchmark and so the circle of deception is complete. Thinking ends up obeying emotions so the corruption of the spirit of the mind is established, i.e. it’s belief.

Sin believes in itself.

Belief based on emotions is the realm of the unredeemed mind and fashions truth to suit itself.

Belief of the absolute truth which is spiritual is the realm of the redeemed mind.

Belief is a spirit or state, the link between what is seen and what is unseen. This is the bridge between the conscious self and the spiritual realm.  

Fear drives sin.

Fear is a copy of faith. Faith is the expectation of the unknown, so is fear.
But they are diametrically opposed, fear destroys whereas faith builds and creates.
Fear therefore is one of the products of sin.

The redemptive mind.

In the redeemed man emotions serve as an indicator that will challenge him to examine thinking and behavior. Emotions serve thinking and when truth is present they confirm and gratify the revelation of the truth.

The origin of truth has its source from its Creator, this truth saves and protects, it brings hope and leads to rest. Sin denies truth and competes to place itself higher than it. It can never win as sin is based in the greed for power. Truth by its nature is its own authority and has no need to justify itself, therefore it is at rest. The power of truth sets man free from the struggle which sin demands to be able to stay alive. 

Copyright  2009 Dan Lagden.


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