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My recovery from anger issues has been a journey of self discovery which involved professional councelling, the attendance of a course for six months and a lot of 'staying in the plan' thereafter.

The course I did was highly recognised. It addressed behavior and taught techniques about handling conflict, however it did not address the reasons why I was so angry all of the time.

As a result the success of courses such as the one I had done was quite low in the long term, actually less than 10% by their statistics.

As a Christian I knew that Jesus promised to 'set the captives free' Isaiah 61:1. I was a captive of my anger behavior.

How do I get set free? I took responsibility for my part and the setting free followed from what I had started to build in my life.

Do what is in your hands to do and let God do the rest.

I have now seen many people do the same with great success through this ministry. You have every chance to make that difference in your life just as I and now many others have done.

It's a great place to be... set free from the controlling influences of anger which robs you of your relationships and opportunities.

Why not do this for yourself now?


Comment from a Psycologist

A culture of anger affects our lives in so many tangible ways. Anger is a powerful emotion and when used inappropriately it has debilitating consequences… in relationships and families, at work, at play, at school, in society, as road rage and many forms of abuse.   The cost of harboring and venting anger is high as seen in the impact it has on spiritual, mental and physical health. Dan Lagden has personal experience of how to turn anger around from a destructive force to a life of hope, restoration and peace. 

Dan has a personal story of victory “How I Quit Being Angry” and he tells it with such humor and unique style that you will be captivated by the journey. He translates his pain into real-life truths, insights, hints, tips and tools that will leave you astounded at how seemingly impossible situations can turn around when you know how to.  

“How I Quit Being Angry” is a roadmap with milestones covering every aspect of anger, illustrated with diagrams, charts and “how to” exercises for each stage of your journey. As you progress, you will be empowered to restore broken relationships, find forgiveness, change and be free at last.  

Dan Lagden is an author who can boldly say that he has “walked the talk”. He has translated this book into a training program and has testimonies of multiple lives changed through his teaching and ministry. Together with his wife Vereen, they attend Hillsong Church in Sydney and are the directors of Active Ministries in Australia. 

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