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Maintaining the Lighthouse


Matthew 5:14
You are the Light of the World. A town that is on a hill cannot be hidden.

We are the Light of the World! What does this mean?

This world is full of beauty, as God has created Amazing Beauty all around us.
But this world has darkness in it. There is evil, heartache, sorrow and suffering.

Jesus lives in us. Therefore we can bring that light to any situation. We can make a difference and are called to do this. God has equipped us to give out…help, love, and change things around us.

Perspective is everything.

My mother was given a red Japanese fighting fish. This fish is only small yet has beautiful flowing fins.
I was at her place and looked at the side of the fish bowl.

The fish looked enormous and appeared to take up all of the room of the round fish bowl. I then looked from above the bowl. What I saw was a tiny lone fish that had a lot of room to swim around in.

How we view things, how we see things can determine the angle of the view. Sometimes we can blow things out of perspective and make them bigger than they should be. We can become very dramatic over something very small. This is also called ‘A Storm in a Tea Cup’

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and in pain. This can stop us from being the light unless we deal with those hurts and attitudes. God is our healer. His hand is not so short that He cannot heal any wounds of the heart.

In our Ministry God showed me a Lighthouse. The powerful beams were shooting from the lighthouse and going into places that help was needed.

I saw people grab onto that beam and walk on it, up into the lighthouse. It was an amazing visual.

I felt overwhelmed that I could produce such power to help people. I told God that it is not possible for me to help all these people. Then God reminded me that He is the Light, He is the Power, only Him that can produce that beam that people need to be recused on.

My job was to ‘Maintain’ the lighthouse. If you have ever been in a lighthouse (old days) you would see that the source of light were only a dozen light globes. The power came from the projecting of that light.

It is the same with us. We keep our relationship with God strong and the light naturally comes out from us.

How do we do this?

Praying. Talking with God. Yes, how privileged are we that we can have a personal conversation with God.
Reading His Word. Get out your bible. It is the:


Get to Church. Fill up on the input into your life. Meet other Christians.

Connect with people, this is why we have connect groups, to study the bible together and make friends.
Love your neighbours. That is everyone!
Give out in anyway you can. Become a volunteer.

It’s not hard to maintain the lighthouse. People who need help will be drawn to the light. It is Jesus within us.

John 8:12
Jesus said “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.