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Lessons from my Grandkids

I taught my granddaughters to play 'Stories without Books' it came about one night as I was baby sitting.

After putting the baby to bed, I was going to read a story to my grand daughters Savannah around 4 yrs old & Lexi around 2 yrs old.

I had left my glasses at home and instead of squinting to read to them I thought we might 'act out' a story. At first I had to stir their imagination to let them know they could make up whatever story they wanted with a scarf as a 'prop'.

What happened next has become a bedtime favourite I gave them a lot of time and watched their faces. The wonder in their eyes and the expressions they used was better than any dramatic performance I had witnessed.

They excelled with Nana as their audience & fan as i delighted in seeing them express a short story. With clapping, woohooing and letting them know i was 'fully present' they exelled

With a few prodding's and some suggestions I found each time they were not asking 'What shall I do?' but they were ready to delve into their imagination to create an interesting and usually a very humorous performance.

Sometimes it included a song and dance with both girls dancing with joy With the stories finished each girl went to sleep with a smile in her face. Dreaming of the prince who was coming to whisk her away to happy lands or simply happy that an adult had spent time listening, watching and applauding their creativity.

Those shared moments are so precious to us as the girls are now living in another country.

But what it taught me was…

Remember to:
Listen to others.
Spend time appreciating others.
Live your dream.
Express the creative.
Laugh dance and have fun.
Life is short.
We need to see through the eyes of children.
Add value to people and they excel.

What I loved also, the next day, those two sweet girls would individually (unprompted) come up to me and say 'I love you Nana' Melts my heart!

Kids need our time and our attention! Add value to them!  Hush the noisy world for a bit and let them flourish!

I am so proud of my daughter and husband how they have brought up the three girls. And I am so happy to be a part of their lives and never too old to learn from the kids.