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Forgiveness Is a Position Of Victory and Leadership - Part Three

Unforgiveness can never be a pay back. Jesus took the punishment for our sins past present and future. If my brother sins against me and I seek revenge what am I asking of our Father? My brother’s sin’s have been paid for but revenge is in my heart so am I asking God our Father to punish Jesus all over again?

He won’t do it.

If I were to persist in my revenge then do go to the Roman courtyard and take up the whip and beat Jesus myself?

Seems crazy doesn’t it? I have news for you… unforgiveness is endemic in the Christian world.



The very thing that will heal our pain is the thing we don’t want to do.

Guess what… you cannot be helped if you remain here and you will have chosen to be stuck right where you are.

We say to ourselves that one sin is greater than another… but sin is sin, it is not measured in degrees. It is ALL punishable with the same judgement which is death.

Forgiving is like the law of gravity, a law that cannot be modified or ignored.

After five years of teaching anger management two things stand out and in the way of personal healing and wholeness.

1. Identity.Who am I? If I am secure in knowing who I am then offences will not cause a car crash in my world.

2. Unforgiveness. If I understand the incredible privilege I have been given to have my sins paid for, for free, then this understanding will give me the grace to forgive those who have ‘trespassed against me’.

How can we go to church on Sunday with a clear conscience to say ‘Jesus I love You’ knowing full well we have issues against a brother or sister, mother or father, friend or acquaintance?

Jesus must be saddened when He looks at us knowing that He suffered so much and we are unwilling to suffer the cost of forgiving another.

3. How do we know when we have forgiven?

Jesus instructed us to 'turn the other cheek'. Doesn't seem fair does it... to risk getting hurt again. Well remember 'its not all about me' you have been bought with a great price. Jesus gave everything for your salvation and restoration of your relationship with His Father and us with each other...


Some say 'I can forgive but I don't have to trust again', well there is a case for this if the offender's behaviour has not changed and continues to be destructive. However we need to always be ready to trust again as...

The objective of forgiveness is reconciliation...

does Jesus no longer trust you again when you make a mistake?

You see, there cannot be disunity within the Body of Christ, He is returning to a glorious and wonderful church. This is why He was so strong about settling issues with a brother before coming to worship.

Secondly, we turn the other cheek to make an open door to show love and grace to the unbeliever with a hope of leading them to Jesus. Every person seeks acceptance and when it costs me to offer grace and acceptance then this is an expression of genuineness of who I say I am. It also conveys the heart of how Jesus feels about them. You may well be the only 'Jesus' they will ever meet.

You will know when you have forgiven when you have to desire to reconcile no matter what has happened in the past and no matter what it costs you to do so.

Take up the Cross, there are no free rides if you are serious about flowing Jesus.


Where are you in all of this?

Be willing to forgive, let Jesus lead you to that place of forgiveness and compassion and you will know His love for mankind.

One decision today will change your tomorrows forever!

Be at the head and not the tail, above and not beneath your circumstances!

Take the leaders position, be quick to forgive offences and bring hope to your relationships and a good future to your world!