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Fear the Destroyer







Everyone has or does experience FEAR at some point in their lives.

Ask yourself...

'What am I fearful of?'

Here is a check list to help you...

Symptoms of a fear may include;

    • Missing opportunities that could be beneficial.
    • Cause you to be angry with others.
    • Cause you to be angry with yourself.
    • Respond by lashing out verbally or physically in order to protect yourself.
    • Cause you to withdraw which can lead to depression.
    • Rejection of other people's ideas which could be helpful.
    • Judgmental attitudes.
    • Perfectionism - everything has to be just right so I can 'feel' safe
    • Negative thinking.
    • Pessimistic attitudes.
    • Feelings of hopelessness.
    • Having no vision or hope.
    • Critical.
    • Acting impulsively.


    2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    Lets divide this verse in two....

    FEAR                         VS                       POWER, LOVE & SOUND MIND

    Attacks                                                          Uses boundaries                    
    Avoids                                                           Able to negotiate
    Blames                                                          Takes responsibility
    Is defensive                                                   Approachable
    Responds emotionally                                     Accesses the facts
    Makes illogical decisions                                 Makes sound decisions
    Unable to trust                                               Open to trust


    You can set yourself free simply by seeking the truth and not assuming something is a certain way.

    Situations may have changed since your last experience of this particular event.

    Or maybe you are trying to fit a past bad experience into this new situation.


    all by yourself...

    will turn something that may have been of benefit for you into a




    A secure relationship with Jesus will cast out all fear.

    Submitting your thoughts to Him you will find Power, Love and Sound mind.

    Because He is the Word of Truth from which you can make sound mind decisions.

    We can't love ourselves or others in our own strength, we need to know we are loved from a higher level.

    We fail to love consistently and totally, God is Love and His love is total and never changes.

    From this perspective we can afford to be vulnerable and risk living our lives with an open mind.


    He is God and has authority over all things. He defeated the power of evil on a Cross just for you!


    You don't have to do it alone.....