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One in five people suffer depression and like me it is not ever diagnosed. Combating depression is very often more than deciding to be positive. I battled this for most of my life and it is like riding a bike up a steep hill every day of your life. It is very tiring and after many years hopelessness sets in. There is no relief. Why? Well it can be a medical problem of an imbalance of Serotonin in which case can be treated very easily with medication.

I wrote the book 'How I Quit Being Angry' and also a course from the book. I wrote this before I knew about my diagnosis of depression. My journey has been a long and difficult one but I do have victories.

However as much as I am in control now, I still get a day when everything goes haywire. I could not understand why. A councillor friend of mine who also works with us in our ministry suggested I go and have a test for depression. Bingo!

Medical intervention is the only way to go however deciding to choose positive mindsets is still necessary. But the driving force behind the depression is rendered impotent now. Fifty seven years of this and I feel I have been cheated of life.

Check out beyond blue  if anyone reading this is interested or suspect either they or a friend may be suffering from this terrible condition. There is information and a quick self test available on the site. Get help, you don't have to suffer anymore.




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