Build your life with positive attitudes and see dreams come true!


Written from Dan's book, the course is like no other. He relates his own story and experiences about applying biblical principals in dealing with life controlling issues. The power of his testimony has influenced many lives.


Recommended Viewing


Antwone Fisher

'Inspired by true life experiences of it's title character, Antwone Fisher tells the compelling story of a troubled sailor (Luke) who is ordered to see a naval psychiatrist (Denzel Washington) about his volatile temper'.


Can be borrowed from the

Active Ministries Library

or ask for it at your favourite video store.



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Taking Responsibility. 
This Family of Emotions.
What is Anger?
The Cycle of Anger.
Creating New Habits.
Journaling Tools.

SESSION 2                            
Making Safe Places.    
What Cheeses Me Off.
How I React in Mind & Body.
The How To.
Dan’s Tool Box.
The Salt Covenant
Test Your Anger Level.

SESSION 3                            
Renewed Thinking.
What Am I Thinking?
Our Basic Needs.
The Anger Tank and the Love Tank.
Regarding Yourself.
Regarding the Other Person.
Get Counseling.

SESSION 4                            
Setting Boundaries.
A Vision for a Better Life.
Boundaries & Your Outer World.
Boundaries and Your Inner World
Dealing with Offense.
Responding to Offense.

SESSION 5                            
Solving Problems.
Before You Start.
Assessment Goals & Gains.
The Shop Front Window.
Personality Types.

SESSION 6                   
What about Me?
Perceived Rejection.
Fear of Rejection.   
The Way Out.
Guilt & Shame.


The Road to Healing.
Past Experiences.
Change is Painful.
A Vision Eases the Pain to Change
In the Case of Abuse.
The Valley.
Replace Negatives with Positives.
Renewing the Mind with Tools that Work.
Salt Brings Healing.
The Bite and the Bark.
Fork in the Road.
You Can Break the Anger Cycle.

SESSION 8                
The Miracle of Forgiveness.
Why is Forgiving Import to Me?
Forgiving is Costly.
If I Don’t Forgive what Happens to Them?
If I Don’t Forgive what Happens to Me?
What does Forgiveness do for me?
Forgiving Myself.
Reasons we don’t Forgive.
Un-Forgiveness vs Forgiveness.
Speak to Your Feelings.
Asking for Forgiveness.
Saying Sorry.
The Process.
Trust and Forgiveness
are not the Same.
Forgiving is Mandatory.

SESSION 9                
The Main Thing.
Meeting Needs.
Who am I?
My Core Needs.
Body Soul & Spirit.
God the Creator.
God Meets Our Needs.

SESSION 10              
Moving On.
Renewing Relationships.
Stay in the Plan.
Revision & Reflection.


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