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Little Boxes


When we started this ministry we faced these four major obstacles. Some we have yet to get over and some we still face again from time to time.

It is incredible how these four obstacles can feed each other!

Opinion feeds doubt, doubt feeds fear, fear is fed by lack and so it goes around and around!

They are like Piranhas wanting to devour our God given purpose.

They all work together to box you in! Make you impotent, attack your vision, destroy your destiny and steal your hope. This is what they are designed to do! So it should be no surprise they turn up right when you don't want them to.

Right when you are most vulnerable, when suddenly everything is not going according to plan!

Or when the unexpected comes hurtling around the corner at 200 kms an hour!

It is then we will ask ourselves...

'How do I know this is God's will for my life?'

This is the clincher the leader of the opposition wants us to ask of ourselves! He wants us to stop in our tracks right there, go no further and call it quits. He waits for an opportune time and goes for the jugular to...

keep us boxed in!

In war SURPRISE! is one of the deadliest and most effective weapons used. So if we can be prepared for surprises and know what they look like, then we can be better equipt to deal with them when they turn up! We can be ready and cut them off at the pass!

I know, you are waiting for me to pull out all the scriptures and give you the standard answers.. well I may not do that! In fact I aim not to! Because no doubt you know them already... ?

The fact is we can turn these surprises into the tools we need to see our vision and dreams come true!


  • will test my faith
  • bolsters my dependance on God
  • requires me to be couragous
  • confronts my will to trust
  • challenges my thinking


  • questions my motives so I will know whether am I a man pleaser or a God pleaser
  • critisizes my mistakes so I can use them in my school of learning
  • rubbishes my passion for the cause so I can deepen my commitment
  • points at impossibilities which ignite my pioneering spirit
  • challenges the wisdom of stepping outside the status quo


  • challenges my faith in God's goodness
  • postions me to receive a miracle
  • tests my commitment to the vision
  • puts muscles on my patience


  • strengthens my resolve
  • makes me confirm my dream and worthiness
  • tests my choice to stay in the plan
  • causes me to revisit my vision

The leader of the opposition wants you to FOLD!

But all his efforts go together to give us the strength to win. It is up to us how we handle it and which way we choose to overcome these obstacles.

after all.... 'If God is for me WHO can be against me?'

Because of Jesus we have the power of God our Father in our situations. So we have the luxury of taking the high road when overcoming our circumstances, seeing our vision realised and living in our dream!

Really it's just a matter of how you look at it isn't it?

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