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'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,

Nor have entered into the heart of man

The things which God has prepared for those who love Him'

1 Corinthians 2:9 nkjv




Our Vision

After years of struggling with anger which had damaging effects on family, finances, peace, health and God's purpose in their lives they finally found God's answers.

Dan wrote the book from his own experiences and is a testimony of victory. Vereen and Dan married in 2005 after two failed marriages. Neither of them considered remarrying but God made that divine appointment and put them together.

A close friend Jeanette Pheiffer, who is also a psycologist, encouraged Dan to convert the book into a course.

So successful has the course been to this point that many marriages and families have been restored, goal sentences been deferred, many have come to know Christ and lives have been turned around and given great hope for the future.

The reason for this success is the...

'the SWORD of the SPIRIT and the



The vision is for this ministry to go world wide via a DVD teaching course.

To make this happen they need partners to finance the vision. Would you consider partnering with us?



Dan has been involved with running anger management programs since 2005 in the capacity of lecturer and facilitator.

This experience has helped him to model more effective ways of communicating the message about managing anger.

The courses Dan has run experience a higher than average level of success.

Because he has come from a layman’s point of view, his approach is refreshing and simple.

Yet he confronts the issues squarely and in an encouraging way that leaves you feeling confident about making changes for your life.

'It amazes me how many of God's people are bound up with anger issues... some recognise them, but what is even more amazing... many don't.' says Dan.


A comment from our consulting psycologist...

A culture of anger affects our lives in so many tangible ways. Anger is a powerful emotion and when used inappropriately it has debilitating consequences… in relationships and families, at work, at play, at school, in society, as road rage and many forms of abuse.   The cost of harboring and venting anger is high as seen in the impact it has on spiritual, mental and physical health. Dan Lagden has personal experience of how to turn anger around from a destructive force to a life of hope, restoration and peace. 

Dan has a personal story of victory “How I Quit Being Angry” and he tells it with such humor and unique style that you will be captivated by the journey. He translates his pain into real-life truths, insights, hints, tips and tools that will leave you astounded at how seemingly impossible situations can turn around when you know how to.  

“How I Quit Being Angry” is a roadmap with milestones covering every aspect of anger, illustrated with diagrams, charts and “how to” exercises for each stage of your journey. As you progress, you will be empowered to restore broken relationships, find forgiveness, change and be free at last.  

Dan Lagden is an author who can boldly say that he has “walked the talk”. He has translated this book into a training program and has testimonies of multiple lives changed through his teaching and ministry. Together with his wife Vereen, they attend Hillsong Church in Sydney and are the directors of Active Ministries in Australia. 

Jeanette Pheiffer  M com (Psychology)


Vereen has had many years experience in leadership in church life and joined Dan in this ministry when they married in 2005.

She brought up 4 children as a single mum working to support her family as well as doing volunteer work for her local church.

She has her own compelling story about dealing with anger.

Vereen's testimony is an example of how powerful choosing positive attitudes towards life's challenges will make your dreams come true and then take you on to places you would have never imagined were possible.