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What If…..

What if I wasn’t abused?
What if they didn’t bully me?
What if he didn’t leave me?
What if I got there in time?

What if I didn’t have to live without pain?
What if I had more money?
What if I was pretty?

So many questions…so many people living in pain.

What if Jesus didn’t die on the cross?

But He did and He changed everything by sacrificially giving of Himself for us.
He has the answers and He is the Answer.

We are still broken people.

Our world is broken People are broken

I watched a movie called “Hugo” in it the boy said 'If a machine is broken, it has lost it's purpose'. Then he said 'People are broken if they have no purpose’. So true!

What is your purpose?

In one of our classes a young bloke said he and his girlfriend, for a joke would start calling each other names.
He then said, they would get a bit heated though…and a bit out of control then they were both angry at each other.

What if….
Even if this sounds corny….
What if he had replaced one of those ‘names’ with…

I think your Beautiful. Even if she came back with another ‘wonderful name’ for him, he still said..
I think your Amazing…I think your special…I think your creative…I think you’re a great girlfriend, I think you’re a great mum…I think I Love You.

At first she may have scoffed…but I can tell you from a woman’s/girls point of view, there is nothing more powerful than when a partner choses to uphold/bless/build up/compliment their partner. In fact it’s darn right romantic!

Do you see how our words can affect everything?

Lets change the What if…and work with NOW what can I do?

It is our choice to build up or tear down.

Let us taste our words before we spit them out. Some may be very distasteful!

We can be the Change in our World.
If we are hurting take it to Jesus. He is our Healer.
If you are in need of help…ask someone for help, there is a great Anger Management Course I can suggest ;-)

You are Special!!
You are Amazing!!

Lets find our purpose, use our words carefully and have a great life.

Hugs Vereen