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In Australia the Government created a great scheme to have ‘Rest Stops’ along major highways. This is a place people could stop for a cup of tea, have a break, freshen up and relax a bit before they continue their journey. Therefore accidents decreased, as, in the past, people would fall asleep at the wheel.

We are encouraged to STOP and REVIVE have a break, time out, revive ourselves and it is much healthier for our journey and we SURVIVE.

In the Dictionary the word REVIVE means:
To restore to life or consciousness
To make operative or valid again
To quicken or renew the mind
To return to life or a flourishing condition
To be restored and renewed

In our Quit Being Angry Course, Dan uses a psychology tool called the thinking feelings behaviour principle.


Behavior                                                                      Feelings  

Proverbs 23:7 ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…’


This triangle is used to show us how we deal with life. People can be controlled by Emotions/Feelings. When a situation arises some react out of feelings instead of first thinking about it, by responding.

The captain’s hat (the one in control) has been on the feelings. We need to put the captain’s hat back in order, to THINK first, which is a better fit for this hat.

When an incident happens we are encouraged to think, STOP right at that point (respond) as our journey may be in danger. This stopping is called...


We need to give ourselves this moment to put this hat on where it belongs.
Our feelings wrestle with this, as they want to automatically react but feelings often do not make good choices. So…who is in control here?

Next step is...


Activate the thinking
Restore the right attitude
Renew our vision of who we are and what we want in our life
Renew our mind

This all seems a lot to think about, but this may be the very moment we need to kick some self control in, and we can then Survive!

Our mind is the quickest computer I know, our thoughts can:
Race Ahead
Jump to Conclusions
Leap to Defend
That’s a lot of energy used right there in a single thought!

It pays to


What say if someone cut you off in traffic?
Your mind races ahead, how dare they!!
You may jump to conclusions (call them a few nice names) you may defend (wave a fist, finger or blast the horn)
But hang on…we have not stopped! Paused!! Given a moment, to think about it.

We don’t know what is happening in that car (do we?)
We might be guessing they don’t know the road rules, maybe they are rushing or simply don’t care.

What say if a child was throwing up in the back seat and the mother was trying to pull the car over in a panic (this has happened to me on more than one occasion)
If you knew, there was a problem then maybe you can help by letting them ahead of you, gladly.

What say if that person was you cutting someone off? No Never!! Or maybe you made a mistake and would like a little grace from another driver (no never)

It is our choice what we think and what we do next. If we go ahead and react this may put us in a bad mood for the rest of the day/week even. It’s all wasted energy.

Renew Restore Revive

When you learn a new habit of STOPPING and REVIVING you may find the captains hat has become a permanent fixture on your thinking, therefore you will have much more of a chance of SURVIVING each time.

The dictionary says this of...


To remain alive in continued existence
To remain healthy, happy, unaffected in spite of some occurrence
To endure or live through adversity

There are many things you can do, after you take that minute to stop. Time out/use a new tool i.e. patience, listening/giving grace
This puts YOU in CHARGE not your feelings/emotions.

You get to SURVIVE and be happy!


Your journey becomes a better one and you reach your destination in tact.

Proverbs 23:7 For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.