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Be Plugged In

My husband Dan had an operation and needed to go back into the hospital due to a complication. When I was visiting him they had moved him to another ward so I asked him to txt me where he was…E block…bed 25

Ok that was up the other end of the hospital to where he was before. So I started walking and when I got there I was surprised to see it was Intensive Care. I went up to the counter and said my husband’s name and that he was in bed 25. The lady rang through and said he’s got a visitor and that they are doing a procedure right now that I would have to sit and wait 15 mins.

I felt concern that he would be in intensive care, what wasn’t he telling me? In that time, I tried not to think negatively but questioned why was he here?
15 mins was up and I realised I could txt him saying do you have a visitor?

He said no then the lady at the desk said you can go through now. Ok so the visitor has gone I’m free to visit him. This was a very different ward to the rest of the hospital. There were workmen fixing a huge amount of cables coming down from the ceiling it made me feel like I was in the middle of the TV hospital drama ER (where everything is always happening).

What my eyes took in deeply impacted me, I felt like I shouldn’t be here, there were individual glass rooms of patients that were struggling for their lives! One after the other in an isolation room plugged into many machines keeping them alive. So hard and sad to view this struggle of life! The battle was raw and scary, the agony and sadness on their faces is something I won’t forget.

This was a last ditch attempt to stay alive and it was a fight!!
I felt like I witnessed something personal and my heart broke for these people and their struggle.

I kept walking…a nurse said I was in the wrong zone…so I went to the other zone
looking for bed 25 and I was relieved to find it but that guy was not my husband!

The thought crossed my mind that all this is so harsh, so sterile, so impersonal (reality) I saw their faces clearly as the masks were full faced (like out of avatar movie) I could see the expressions as some looked at me I saw the fear & I  felt helpless and small, all I could do was pray for them!

But to me it felt personal I was a fellow human and knew of struggle but this struggle was the toughest one!  I could walk away but this was their journey. They were isolated! I prayed that they would reach out to their maker, that in those last moments, for some, they would cry out to our God who loves them.

I was relieved my hubby was not in that position but where was he? I txt him! No answer (someone had rung him so he wasn’t answering his txt).

I walked the length of the hospital to the enquiry desk to try to find my husband.
My heart was so heavy. Everyone busy doing life and these precious souls were fighting for theirs. Found out my hubby was in D block ah thank you, walk the length of the hospital again (its huge) but no complaining…I have legs and I can walk my journey is easy right now. The image has not left me I pray for these ones who find themselves in E block.

Dan and I have a ministry where we help divert/detour people to not end up in those isolation rooms (emotionally) For whatever reason that got them there some of the choices would have made them ill (some beyond their control).

The subjects we tackle head on in our course put you back on the right course.

Learn to...
Understand emotions and how they are working in your life
To build better life strategies through creating new habits
Take charge of your thinking
Understand personality types & how you fit in?
Be a smart negotiator
Be set free from rejection, guilt, shame and fear
Live with joy and peace everyday transformed by the renewing of your mind
Be set free through forgiveness … it’s more than words
Fulfil your purpose through understanding who you are in Jesus Christ
Understand the power of authenticity in leadership


There is no doubt that illness can and does happen and is out of our control but the choices we make can be making us sick. There is always a choice of a road to lead.

Dan and I stand at the crossroad to help you take the right road.
We hold up the signs that say stop detour as we may have been down that road and know it’s the wrong one to take. The risk is too high its damaging! And darn right dangerous!!
In our course we face those issues of the road that took us to trouble.

Like those ones in E block we need to stay plugged in to survive.
What does plugging in look like to you?

To me its firstly talking with my God (having faith).
Loving and caring for those around me.
Surrounding myself with family and friends that support me.
Making right and healthy choices for my life.
Gaining knowledge to increase my understanding.
Giving out to others.
Being accountable
Being Responsible
You can add so much more!

We find ourselves at the fork in the road. Which way do we take?
Every day is a choice. Let’s choose to be plugged in

John 10:10 (amplified version)
The Thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.
I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance
(to the full, till it overflows)

Isaiah 61:1 (amplified)
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified
Me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, poor, and afflicted; He has
Sent me to bind up and heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the (physical and spiritual) captives and the opening of prison and the eyes to those who are bound


Let’s make a change.


Transformations Course starts 15th August in our home in Kellyville register on the home page link.