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The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side

A sheep story from a Kiwi (me)

Dan & I teach our Course at One80tc(teen challenge) on a Wednesday morning. When travelling there, we drive through a few suburbs that has open country areas.

We were going down a fairly busy main road and I said ‘look at that’. There was a sheep on one side of the fence, a sheep on the other side and one more that was going under the barbed wire fence. Someone or ‘thing’ had burrowed a hole under the fence to get out.

I said ‘oh that’s not good’ as the road is a very busy one with large trucks travelling on it. Previously we had seen a few cows struck by trucks, lying dead on the side of the road. Not a good sight, with legs in the air. Ahhh!

A few meters down the road I said look…”the ring leader” and there was a black sheep (literally) grazing on the grass.

This got me thinking. The sheep have followed the ring leader, thinking that the grass was greener on the other side (if they do think) not knowing how dangerous it was for them to follow that sheep.

Whilst the black sheep was happy to be munching away it was oblivious to danger.

This reminded me of boundaries. Many times we see the grass greener on the other side…and we push those boundaries back…or walk right over them, not thinking of the consequences or danger.

There could be someone or something influencing us to step outside of our safe zone. Or….worse we could be the black sheep (ring leader) leading others astray. Sometimes without realising that others are following us.

Boundaries are put in place for our own safety but sometimes we don’t think about it and really need to wake up and see what is happening,

For example, if communication with a spouse is tense and there are arguments all the time…we are letting our emotions be the captain of our actions..

Our boundary should be one of love and care towards our partner, therefore the boundary of that, if put in place would be a understanding of how to communicate or negotiate without tension. It can be done.

We need to stay in our safety zone to live a healthy good life. This cannot be confused with getting out of our comfort zone. We do need to do new things and push ourselves with challenge when we don’t feel like it.

But boundaries are for our own purpose and those who we love in our life.

I hope those sheep were round up, or got to safe ground. I don’t want to go this Wednesday and see four dead sheep on the road.

Back to the cow’s, when I saw them I was saddened in my heart as there were two dead cows. One was full term pregnant, so a calf also died that day.

This made me think that if we do step outside of our boundary that we have set for ourselves, we also put our expectations, dreams, goals at risk. Sad!

They may not have choice, but we do. It is up to us as to how we use good boundaries to influence how we live our lives.

I place before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life so that you and your children will live.

Deuteronomy 30:19 (Msg)


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