Dan's Corner




‘If nothing ever went wrong for me then I would never get angry’.

How and when emotions appear in our everyday life depends on the experiences we have had or are currently encountering. Some emotions happen automatically but some we will decide to enable. For example to love will always be a choice, an act of the will. Automatic reactions such as grief or disappointment originate out of a current circumstance we may find ourselves in and are involuntary.

Let’s try and categorise some of these emotions;

Frustration Pride Guilt Love
Disappointment Jealousy Shame Patience
Impatience Envy Grief Joy
Tension Deceit Sorrow Hope
Fear Lust Depression Acceptance
Aggression Control Rejection Compassion
Anger Anger Anger Anger
Anxiety Infatuation Hopelessness Mercy
Rebellion Stubborness Doubt Grace


We can see that anger can occur in all 4 categories. Having anger in the conflict and selfishness column makes sense.

Conflict is the one that everyone associates with anger as it is used to defend our selves from perceived or real harm.

Selfishness from a person would be angry about not getting their own way.

Pain, well one would be angry about abuse or when experiencing grief as anger is a part of the healing process during grieving.

Peace, anger prompts us to fight for peace i.e. a need for change and to challenge injustice, or to protect that which is valuable to us.

Our basic needs and expectations when we are born into this world are listed under the PEACE column. However most often life does not deliver these needs or they are distorted in some way.

This will cause us some PAIN and to cope with this PAIN we try to fill this need in our own ways. Most often this is done by way of SELFISHNESS. But this road most often will cause CONFLICT.

We find ourselves living in CONFLICT a lot of the time. CONFLICT not only with others but also with ourselves i.e. confusion about what we want and what we are really needing.

Here lies the anger which eats at your life and affects not only your personal emotions but also affects those around you.

We look for peace but don't get it, try to control or manipulate our circumstances and/or people in order to get PEACE.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The only CONFLICT that we will encounter doing it the right way is when we need to confront injustice.

Doing the right thing or acting righteously. That is why Jesus said on the sermon on the mount... 'Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kindom of heaven.' Matt 5:10 NKJV

Handling CONFLICT wisely requires the emotional tools found in the PEACE column. Fight injustice with PEACE... someone has to lead the way it may as well be you!