Dan and Vereen's life experiences have had a positive impact on the lives of those who have chosen to follow their example.



Learn how you can...

  • Recognise what ticks you off
  • Know how you react in mind and body
  • Stop circular thinking patterns
  • Create new habits easily
  • Create new strategies in relationships
  • Empty your anger tank
  • Become a good problem solver
  • Respond to offence in a positive way
  • Turn rejection into acceptance
  • Renew your mind using good habits
  • Set your self free through forgiveness
  • Get off the co-dependancy merry-go-round
  • Learn how to live above your circumstances

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You get angry but wonder what level is too high?




Dan's Corner

Vereen's Vibes







An inspirational story of one woman's survival of divorce, death threats, abuse and rejection


Vereen has been a part of our world for many years.  The grace and strength that she has shown and the depth to which she loves her family is a testimony to God’s healing power in all of our lives.  We pray her life story brings great hope, courage - and a little bit of laughter - to yours.- Brian and Bobbie Houston, Senior Pastors, Hillsong Church

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'A Journey of Discovery'

Live a powerful and significant life!

Learn to...

Understand emotions and how they are working in your life

To build better life strategies through creating new habits

Take charge of your thinking

Understand personality types & how you fit in?

Be a smart negotiator

Be set free from rejection, guilt, shame and fear

Live with joy and peace everyday transformed by the renewing of your mind

Be set free through forgiveness … it’s more than words

Fulfil  your purpose through understanding who you are in Jesus Christ

Understand the power of authenticity in Leadership